“female body language tells”

Body language and nonverbal communication makes up the majority of our communication–at least 60% of our overall communication. In this video, I’ll teach you how to decode and interpret the body language of the females in your life from your partner to your boss to your friend.

I suddenly found myself noticing people at crosswalk across the street and very clearly notice what people were doing in their cars out of the far corner of my eye and to this day my brain still maintains this ability clear as the day I trained it.

And additionally, plan ahead and let the men know you are a healthy woman and proud of it by showing a little skin on shoulders, upper arms, and back — and anywhere else socially acceptable. Men love to see a woman’s skin! Clean, clear, and smooth skin is a sign of good health, and that is high on men’s unconscious desired traits in a mate so he can produce healthy offspring. This mating game is serious business, so don’t leave anything to chance.

Overall, I would give this book a big thumbs up in that it is concise, well-structured, and gives valid information that a purchaser of this book would be looking for. There is no wool over the eyes here – my smile says I like it, my lips say it is a must read!

Another thing that you should pay attention to is if and how a woman touches you. Quite often when a woman feels attracted to a man she will “accidently” let her hands brush against his or even sometimes innocently touch him on the wrist or forearm. This is actually one of the more obvious non-verbal cues and signs of attraction that you need to learn to watch out for.

Do you ever wish there was a magic wand that would make you more attractive to the opposite sex, or at least help you understand who is attracted to you? Well, it’s no magic but a science. Here’s how men and women can learn to master the art of love.

When an interested man looks at a woman she will often look down and away. She then will look back at the man out of the corner of her eye to see if she still has his attention. These are signs of attraction. If the “games is played correctly, a relationship may be the result. I agree with don Mateo Sol when he says (above) that its all done subconsciously. The “game” of attraction is not intentional, it’s just how people work.

To some degree I feel that you’re right in that many aspects of mens masculinity is learned rather than evolved. Crying for instance is perfectly natural in many cultures for men. But I’ve tried to keep the entire body language series to mainly innate qualities within humans rather than learned ones :).

For example, a girl might mirror your body language. If you all of the sudden cross your arms, she will too. If you take a drink of your water at dinner, she does right after. If you look across the room away from her, she’ll turn her head and look at what you’re looking at. 

If any man ever finds himself in this situation, there would be a big chance that she will act angry and bitchy with him as he most likely does not have guts to immediately approach that woman right after he has found her.

She’ll playfully toss her hair exposing her neck, she’ll grab a strand of hair and begin stroking it, she’ll twirl the ends of her hair around. She’ll do any of these things while she’s talking to, looking at, or around a guy she’s interested in. 

In order to get the attention of the man she’s interested in, she would use her hair to give signals. She starts to flip and comb them gently. She twirls strands of it and gently run her fingers through it. Her hair could be her ultimate tool to flirt. However, quick jerky movements would give you an idea that she is getting embarrassed and impatient especially when paired with wandering eyes. This does not mean that you’re in a hopeless situation. It’s possible that you are just so aggressive, so you need to back off a little and make her feel at ease.

Any facial expression can briefly appear as a microexpression.  If a woman is happy but trying to conceal it, it’s only a matter of time until a smile briefly flashes across her face.  If she’s trying to hide a negative emotion that will eventually be revealed as well.  She may briefly crinkle her nose (the sign for disgust) or curl just one corner of her lip back (contempt).  If you see a microexpression that suggests one of these negative emotions it’s probably time to change environments or topic of conversation.

You can also try the clock trick. Look abruptly at the clock, then back at her, unless you were watching her from the corner of your eye. Any object works for this. If she was looking where you were looking, she was probably watching you. But beware, she might have thought you saw something dangerous or interesting and wanted to find out what it was.

I come from Minnesota, where the state motto might as well be “I don’t want to impose,” but my issues go beyond that. I am deeply, painfully averse to inconveniencing others (even when it’s not actually my fault), and that includes any sort of confrontation, no matter how mild. In the most inconsequential interactions, I find myself doing linguistic gymnastics to avoid the slightest possibility of offending, as when a Staples clerk mistyped my phone number while searching for my “rewards” account recently and I helpfully offered, “The number must have become entered incorrectly somehow.” I wish I were kidding.

The reason I’ve got this book – is my shyness. Yes, I admit this part of me and actually, I try to fight it. Communications with friends and family – is one thing, but relationships with my boyfriend is another. This book helps me with self-discovering and now I can feel myself absolutely unselfconscious with him. Can say it’s easy but the prize for getting this right is worth the effort.

You do not need to have perfect looks to attract a man. Studies show that men are more attracted to a woman who engages in flirtation behavior to show she is available over the best-looking woman in the room.

Communication is very important in our daily lives. We understand one another if we communicate with each other. Sometimes, you don’t need words to express how you really feel about something.You only need your body to convey what you want to tell to a certain someone. That’s right! Even when we opt not to talk, it seems that we are sending off “signals” subconsciously. This nonverbal communication is what you call body language. Even before, body language plays a serious role in the attraction of women.

my name is Morten Olesen and I’m from Denmark in Europe. Like many other men I have dealt with a lot of the issues on this site but decided to change these things so my life became better because why go through life with stupid issues you can change? All it takes is commitment, hard work, courage to take the step out of your comfort zone.

Acting childlike is a demonstration that her guard has been let down and she is prepared to open up to a man and his advances. When women become playful, it shows that there might be something more than just friendship at hand.

In short arching her back means she’s sticking her breasts and bum out. That, in turn, means that whether you see her from the front, side, or back, you’re getting a view of her female assets. Even someone who doesn’t have a J-Lo bum or Pamela Anderson rack will do this as it’s a natural instinct to show off their body.

Wrist Display: There are certain vulnerable spots in our bodies due to their fragility or delicacy that we tend to protect: our neck, throat and wrist being some of them.  Most people if you observe, usually walk with their wrists facing the sides of their body as a way of protection, however, if you observe some people with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia sufferers, they will walk with their palms and wrists facing backwards as an additional protection.  Plenty of over-the-top gay men use the wrist display constantly even walking around with it as an attempt to effeminate.  When women are interested in men they will slowly start showing him glimpses of their wrists and the more they like them the longer the glimpses will last – this is why the wrist has always been considered a highly erotic area as women have more nerve receptors there making it more sensitive, which is where applying perfume on the wrists comes from.  There are a variety of ways women choose to expose their wrists, from touching their wrists themselves (Touch Me, Myself & I technique), to putting their wrists on the table in front of a male, as well as the popular wrist exposure that comes with women smokers who do it quite obviously.

This book by James Beckett and Lionel Rose, I believe to be excellent for a man who wants and needs to know what a woman is thinking, whether he indeed stands a chance with her. So, this could be a very important book to any male playing the dating game, or the relationship game since there is a chapter or two on figuring out what in really going on in his present relationship. 50 to 80% of human communication is nonverbal and there are signals being sent nonverbally that I know for a fact that I’ve been missing. Just thinking back I realized a few, that have been pointed out by the authors, that went right over my head. I like their treatment of the various zones, such as the Intimate Zone, but the part I liked best was the eyes and if she sees you checking her out and whether she quickly looks away or returns you smile and how long she looks back at you. Lots of good tips in this book that will change the life of many men who read it.

To ensure that you can avoid these kinds of awkward and ridiculous cases from occurring on a large scale, I suggest you and other men reading this article and trying to learn how to read female body language and facial expressions that you should catch any chance you find out to right away approach the girl you want without hesitating just one second because women really hate men who do not know how to approach them properly and immediately. Also, my advice is that you need to focus on learning how to use your own body language to attract women properly as well as how to meet and approach females many environments with different cases and conditions.

My Hips Don’t Lie: Women as we all know, have wider hips than men due to the fact that they need a wider pelvic region for childbearing purposes.  This also means that women have a wider gap in their crotch which doesn’t allow them to run as fast as men, but makes them walk in a way that emphasizes their hips with a unique wiggle men can’t do.  It has been found that the most healthy women with best chances of reproduction, are the ones who have a 70% waist to hip ratio, meaning their waist is 70% the size of their hips – not surprisingly this is the ratio men unconsciously find most attractive.  Woman who feel a connection or attraction with the man they are speaking with, will also tilt their hips from side to side resting their whole weight on one leg to make that hip side protrude.

The female persuasion has worked on many a man since the beginning of time. Just ask Adam. Little girls learn early how to get the attention of little boys by doing things like twirling their ponytails and dropping their school books. So it comes as no surprise that a grown woman is good at using body signals to let a man know she’s definitely interested. Words don’t need to be spoken when a woman has identified the object of her affection. She just uses what she has to get what — or who — she wants. Here are a few examples of how women express their interest in the person whom she has her eyes set on:

Wrist display is definitely one of the big ones, over the years I’ve also learned a few other gestures that seem to emerge but go unnoticed by most of us. The legs being the limbs furthest away from the head, it’s the part of our body we have least conscious control of and consequently the most revealing.

After a woman starts giving you signs of interest one of the most important things that will create success is how quickly you act. I have met many guys who consider it a sort of “done deal” once a woman is interested in and attracted to them. This is not the case at all.

Just like positive body language barriers can be a great way to see if a girl is gaining or losing interest in you.  If she enjoys talking to you, feels comfortable with you, and is hoping to connect with you, then she’ll start removing barriers.  If she’s feeling uncomfortable or distant, then she’s going to construct barriers between you.

Last week, relationship expert Bree Maresca-Kramer gave us some great tips on how to read guys’ body language. Now it’s time to give the boys a little insight into how we work. Sometimes a hair twirl is just a hair twirl, but it can mean so much more.