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http://datingarchitect.com/signs-that… This is a video clip on body language and indicators of interest (IOIs). This video clip is part of a documentary (UK’s Channel 4 – Body Talk “Sex”) that reveals the body “tells” women use to indicate their interest in men. The host constructed a club-like environment and analyzed how the women responded to certain men. The women in the video used certain body signals to reveal how they really felt about the men they were talking to.

Most likely he is fearful of misreading your invitation and will be rejected. This is especially fearful because it would be public rejection in front of all the other men and women watching him try to score. Men’s greatest fear at this point is a loss of status as a “good hunter”.

When it comes to dating, using and reading female body language signals is a great tool. These non-verbal signals will help you in dealing with the person but stay focused on what the person is saying.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is if and how a woman touches you. Quite often when a woman feels attracted to a man she will “accidently” let her hands brush against his or even sometimes innocently touch him on the wrist or forearm. This is actually one of the more obvious non-verbal cues and signs of attraction that you need to learn to watch out for.

This is one of the sought-after signals by men from women. This can be a deliberate action from her, but could also be just a casual, meaningless gesture. Therefore, before you take it as a good sign, you need to assess further.  She is probably interested if she does this while listening or thinking so your attention will be transfixed to her lips. Observe more and wait to see is she licks her lips.  If she does, then your hunch is confirmed.  Lip licking is not just a subconscious gesture to make you notice her lips. Remember that a woman’s mouth also becomes dry when she is feeling excited and aroused.

Women might be better at reading body language because more of their brain is active when they evaluate other’s behavior. When in an MRI women have 14 to 16 active brain areas while evaluating others, whereas men only have 4 to 6 active.

In order to get the attention of the man she’s interested in, she would use her hair to give signals. She starts to flip and comb them gently. She twirls strands of it and gently run her fingers through it. Her hair could be her ultimate tool to flirt. However, quick jerky movements would give you an idea that she is getting embarrassed and impatient especially when paired with wandering eyes. This does not mean that you’re in a hopeless situation. It’s possible that you are just so aggressive, so you need to back off a little and make her feel at ease.

It’s like her free will to conceal her attraction from you is stripped away and she her mating instincts obligate her to tell you that she is attracted to you. These tells are one of God, the universe or whatever’s greatest gifts to man.

Ive often observed in myself that when we seek to justify our decisions of doing or not doing something, we generalize things in extremes like “this always happens to me” or “all men are jerks” but its just a mental comfort mechanism.

Many assume if a woman invests $10,000 in a boob job she’s obviously looking for compliments. That can certainly be true. “Yes, I want compliments! Absolutely,” laughs Michelle, who got her breasts augmented to a size 34DD.

I’m a woman, and I must say, from a woman’s perspective not all of the body language signals mentioned here are completely accurate. I’m no expert, but given the highly individualistic and subjective nature of body language, I think this book did a good job in discussing the more commonly observed ones.

Bouncing and behaving hair is one of the secret weapons of the seasoned female flirter. A woman will flip her hair, tuck it behind her ears, play with her bangs or whip strands of her hair in circles.

Hairdressers and masseuses do it all the time as well. “I never do it on purpose, but it does happen and sometimes the guy will then start to get flirty with me because he’s thinking I did it for him. But, I did it once on purpose to a guy in a bar to get his attention, so I can see how guys would get confused,” says Lisa.

Personal questions are a common sign of attraction many men miss. I’m talking about questions that go beyond the simple “getting to know you” types of formalities people feel like they have to go through when meeting someone new. Look for questions that you only really ask someone for when you’re trying to get a sense of who they really are. Alternately, she might be asking you questions of a more emotional bent to establish more of a bond and rapport with you.

If you are a woman and seek interest from a man, start by looking interested in him. Catch his eye by looking around the room, dancing, moving closer, or flipping your hair. When you get his attention, look at him and smile. As he approaches, show that you are receptive by nodding or tilting your head.

Be careful about misinterpreting when a woman is flirting with you. If you’re unsure of the signals, consider the setting, recommend researchers at the Social Issues Research Center. For example, the funeral of a woman’s husband is an inappropriate setting for flirting–so don’t interpret the widow’s need for solace as flirting.

Beware of crossed arms. If she’s sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed, chances are she’s bored or uninterested. Try regaining her interest by sparking conversation about her and her life. If nothing works, you may need to find another girl.

Flared nostrils. When women are interested or aroused, their nostrils flare. It’s an involuntary response to excitement, so, like dilated pupils, you can be pretty sure she’s genuinely interested if her nostrils are flared.

The third way a woman indicates sexual interest are proximity related and the desire to increase proximity. These cues indicate that approach by men is welcomed and permitted or that courting which is already in progress may increase in intensity. This includes leaning in, the room encompassing glance, crossing the legs toward, pointing toward with the fingers and toes, torso orientated toward rather than away, fluttering of the eyes, high blink rate and high chew rate (if eating), increased touching, hugging with the hips pressed against hips, shallow breathing and panting, flared nostrils, and mirroring.

It is thought that women wish to send a more childlike image with their head cant in order to elicit a protective response in men. This is a submissive gesture and normally performed by women. The head tilt happens by tilting the head at forty-five degrees and delivering eye contact in a come hither type, coy, teasing, type look with plenty of neck exposure. It makes women appear more childlike and helpless, and evokes protective feelings in men. Its primary motive is to expose vulnerable parts of the body, the neck, to show submission and trust in a man’s dominance.

#5 Focuses on you. It is basic politesse to focus on the other person when having a conversation and although this is an unspoken rule, not many people pay attention to it. I’m sure that you’ve had to deal with rude conversationalists who glance around the room, check their phones and watches and look downright bored mid conversation.

Speaking about feet, I do tend to have my feet always pointed at my husband, this is why I found the “knee” pointing confusing as I usually have my knees pointed away from him since my feet are aimed at him. After reading this I’m going to see if other women do use their knees like that, or if they’re like me and the knee’s pointing the opposite direction because the foot is closer to the one you like.

I from Minnesota, where the state motto might as well be “I don’t want to impose,” but my issues go beyond that. I am deeply, painfully averse to inconveniencing others (even when it’s not actually my fault), and that includes any sort of confrontation, no matter how mild. In the most inconsequential interactions, I find myself doing linguistic gymnastics to avoid the slightest possibility of offending, as when a Staples clerk mistyped my phone number while searching for my “rewards” account recently and I helpfully offered, “The number must have become entered incorrectly somehow.” I wish I were kidding.

These actions could also indicate that she’s nervous and excited at the same time. She considers playing things an outlet to that sexual tension. If she uses her fingers to caress her neck, her collarbones or lips – zones which are considered erogenous, then there’s a fat chance that she’s interested in you. This should be a great news!

Calibrating your romantic advances takes practice and time to learn. You’re dealing with unique individuals in unique situations. But while nothing is absolute, these guidelines are a tried and true foundation.

Well, if the girl you like does this, it’s obvious she’s not interested. However, if she’s fixated on you no matter what you say, you can be sure she’s keen. I’ve feigned interest in many topics just so I could carry on a conversation with a hottie and I can guarantee that I’m not the only one! [Read: 12 obvious signs she really wants you to ask her out]

Looking down is an ancient mating signal indicating it is OK for him to approach you now. Looking DOWN indicates passiveness in humans and many animals. Looking down says, “I will not resist you! You may come closer.” If he is wise and experienced, he should read your message as, “I want you to approach me! I am waiting for you!”

Whether she’s twirling it, tossing it about, or just playing with it in some other way, it’s generally a sign of attraction. Women usually draw attention to their hair when they are attracted to someone. Possibly because pretty hair has long since been considered something people are attracted to, which is why there’s a desire to draw attention to it.