“how to read female body language that she likes you”

That’s why I’ve written this book – because I know that the secret of finding out whether she’s interested in you lies in more than just one pout or a flick of her hair. I want to show you how to understand her body so that she can finally get that message across to you. That message that she’s been sending all along…

the manspreading thing is symbolic about territory. In that case, she is interested in what she gains through him. Women almost always want to gain from sex…at the very least, they want a friend who is going to profit her later

She is facing you. Her head, torso and feet are angled to point directly at you. BINGO! She is fully engaged and is unconsciously making it obvious that she is interested in you. That’s the green light to go over and say, “Hi.”

Most female sexual signals have some component that is rooted in appearing submissive. By displaying in a certain way, a woman is telling men that she is willing to head to a man’s dominance. Others signals are designed to showcase the physical assets of a woman, primarily her youth and health. The final category includes cues that indicate approach is permitted and encouraged. These are the cues that draw men in and give them permission to court.

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Lips become the center of attention – Face is surely the first thing that you notice about someone first. Lip-biting just makes it possible by drawing attention towards the lips. This will intrigue the person you like.

Then why use Axe? There’s still an attraction there that’s from the sense of smell. I for one am still a strong believer in pheremones. (BTW, Axe is horrible, me and all the girls I know think it smells like pepper)

This is another popular one a lot of men I have met overlook. When a woman is attracted to a man she will usually make frequent side long glances without shifting her head. Usually she will only look until the man notices her then she will quickly proceed to look away.

Her reactions to your touch are another indicators of the progress you made. If she tries to make physical contact on her own like getting in your space and finding an excuse to touch you, then she is definitely interested in you. She would try to display her interest by touching every part of you that is accessible – your hand, forearm, your knee. She would dare to make some subtle flirty gestures like grazing her legs with yours on purpose while throwing you a very flirty smile.

Does she rub her arm for no reason, or smooth down her dress when talking to you? Generally women who touch themselves due to an itch or to fix their clothing do it discreetly, so if she’s doing it right in front of you, chances are she’s trying it to draw your attention to her body.

Does it seem like one moment she’s at a normal standing or sitting position from you, and then suddenly she’s right in front of you? This is a sign that she’s becoming enthralled with you. You may have just said something funny or witty and she wants to get closer to you.

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A sideways glance over a raised shoulder highlights curves and the roundness of the female face. This signifies estrogen and exposes the vulnerability of the neck and releases pheromones. Women instinctively do this when trying to flirt.

When we establish rapport with someone, they tend to match and mirror (i.e. do the same thing; sometimes using the opposite hand/leg like a mirror image) our own body language. If you uncross your legs, she’ll soon do the same. If you put one hand on the table, she’ll soon do the same. It’s an unconscious way we respond to people we want to engage with. Many people use this to make people feel comfortable in their presence i.e. they start matching and mirroring the person they’re talking to on purpose.

There are a many methods that a woman will utilize when looking at someone she likes. When a woman raises her eyebrows, while at the same time lowering her eyelids, she is recreating a facial expression of pleasure. Other expressions include, but not limited to: rapidly blinking and holding eye contact, holding eye contact and smiling or grinning or licking her lips. If a girl is shy however, you may catch her glimpsing at you when you’re not looking or smiling.

Patrick Banks is an entrepreneur, full-time dating advisor, and total health & fitness freak. He provides tips on how to exercise and eat well, boost energy and feel confident in your own skin. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

One of the most clearly body language signs of disinterest women make that men can often catch in busy social places such as clubs and bars is that after a woman noticed that a man is about to approach her, she will avoid eye contact with him immediately. In this case, tip for you is very simple that you just need to try to warm the atmosphere up by start talking something very funny, showing you are friendly and harmless to her. Also, stop your impolite eye glance because that makes the woman very uncomfortable. Or else, if you are unlucky as she avoid eye contact with you just because you are not her type, what you need to do is stop the hopeless effort and find another chance!

What this book successfully made me realize though is that I send confusing mixed signals to guys I like. So I used this book for a different purpose altogether – learning how to send the correct signals.

Just as we need to be mindful of positive cues, we also need to watch for negative cues. Keep an eye out for what scientists call de-courting skills, where the overall attentiveness of a person falls over time. The rapport between two people can change over the course of just a few minutes.

I have a job that takes me all over the world. I often go to local bar and clubs to hang out. And being single, I usually sit at the bar. Quiet often, a couple will come in and sit next to me. It seems like the women always ends up next to me, I plan it that way. I consider myself both attractive and approachable. So I often start up a conversation with the couple. As the night goes on, and the women gets more intoxicated, almost always, she will end up touching me with her leg. Being a gentleman, I will assume it is an accident and make adjustments. But more often than not, she will then make another attempt to touch legs (again under the bar where her partner can’t see). Being somewhat bright/intuned, I will then keep it still. From that point on, anything can happen. It may simply be a turn on and at the end of the night, we go our separate ways. Sometimes, the woman will ask for my number when her partner is in the bathroom. And a few times, I’ve actually hooked up close by. It’s simply amazes me how something that seems so innocent at first can fan the flames.

When she looks squarely in the eyes, everything that comes out of her mouth is true. Also, she won’t look away either. This way you can easily tell that whatever she is saying is important and want you to have a good listen to it.

“What we do in class is push you to your extremes,” she explains. Her goal is to help people experiment with a range of behavioral styles, from the most dominant to the most deferential. (Just as important as learning how to play high is recognizing when to play low, by tempering displays of authority with self-deprecation and humor.) Once my body has mastered the full range of nonverbal language, she says, I will automatically approach situations with a flexible mix of confidence and humility.

Whether she’s twirling it, tossing it about, or just playing with it in some other way, it’s generally a sign of attraction. Women usually draw attention to their hair when they are attracted to someone. Possibly because pretty hair has long since been considered something people are attracted to, which is why there’s a desire to draw attention to it.

Clearly would not work because other women do not do them and they are not on TV. Or maybe they do work and other women would just call you a tramp. Either way, always make him work for you. Never let him think he is an equal.

Don’t read every accidental touch as a sign of attraction. What you’re looking for isn’t one isolated example. What you’re looking for is a repeated pattern. If she keeps banging her elbow against yours in a totally empty room, she’s attracted to you. If she brushes her arm up against yours once in a room full of people, she might very well be into you, but she’s not signaling anything other than being in a crowded room.

If you ever find yourself with a woman in this great case, I suggest you giving her a sexually charged compliment because this is actually one of the greatest and most ideal ways to give a woman’s sexual come-on a response.

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