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Look into her eyes for signs of flirting. A direct look that lasts longer than a few seconds can indicate interest. If the woman’s pupils become dilated while you stare into her eyes, she may be getting aroused and want to see more of you. To avoid coming off as threatening, a woman may hold your gaze for a quick moment, but return for a second look to assure you of her interest. When that second look is accompanied by a smile, she is flirting with you.

The first step is to make eye contact to show specific interest. So your task is to catch his attention as he looks around the room and look directly into his eyes. When your eyes meet, smile slightly and hold the connection a little longer than normally done. Do it noticeably longer than when looking at other men and friends. This is definitely a very special gaze, and it packs a powerful body language message: “I have great interest in you.”

A woman who is sexually aroused might display one, or a great variety of cues, but they might be directed toward a room in a “fish-and-lure” or broadcast display, and not at anyone specifically. Usually, these cues are propelled by her ovulation cycle, and serve to indicate a woman’s general demeanor, her mood, and thus her receptivity to courting. Nonverbal cues are frequently emitted purely on an emotional level.

The neck is one of a woman’s most sensitive and erogenous zones and touching it will attract a man’s attention. Why does this work? Well, apparently, men are attracted to soft smooth female skin and the neck is the most socially acceptable to display. Smooth skin is a reliable indicator of both youth and health – critical factors when a male is “hunting” a mate. The neck is also a very sensitive part of the female body and touching it stimulates a gentle, soothing and loving sensation. Try it for yourself.

Think about it. When you’re out at a bar, if a girl is trying to get away from you, one of the easiest ways to do that is to start flitting her eyes around the room, looking for absolutely anything else she can be doing but talking to you. On the other hand, the eyes aren’t just windows of the soul. They’re kind of tractor beams of the soul. When she gazes back at you, she’s trying to pull you in further and prolong the interaction. Don’t discount the simple act of eye contact as a sign of attraction.

Most guys would love to know for sure if a gorgeous woman they see across a room is attracted to them. Knowing how to read the mysterious female body language signs of attraction is a valuable skill that can be learned (and used to great advantage)!

If you’re having a conversation with a woman who leans into you, as if drawn to you, then chances are she truly is drawn to you! If you’re sitting by a table she might be leaning her torso over the table, so as to get closer to you. If standing next to her and chatting, her body is tilted towards you.

Knowing people’s mind and their body language is one of the most important skill of a human. But there’s more about reading it. The book discussed the woman’s body language, we can predict it but not actually exact because a man, usually if you a girlfriend , we cannot understand them easily. The book simply explained what are they exactly doing or their body movements. With the of this book I really understand girls. Why they are moody and many more. Youll also get ideas how to read body language of a woman.

That’s why it’s best to assume that if she’s talking to you, she’s open to the idea of flirting with you. Flirting will help you gauge her reactions and determine whether or not she’s interested, sooner rather than later.

Reading female body language also requires a high degree of honesty on part of the man. Many men overreact to simple signals or, because of their desire to be successful, actually see signals that are not really there. One simple and fantastic piece of advice when reading female body language is to take it nice and easy. If her signals are subtle and understated then a man’s responses should be just as balanced. If hers fade away then her interest has been lost – if they increase then it’s safe for a man to respond in equal measure.

Note: Look for 3 or 4 signals that convey a similar message or the one-off inconsistent signal. Also, consciously practice reading and doing some of the signals as much as you can. Learning, as you practice, what works and what doesn’t work for you will help you gain confidence to use reading female body language techniques consciously.