“how to interpret female body language and attraction”

I honestly think that the non-emotional thing that most men do is because of societies lessons that they shouldnt be. Just like how women are taught that, as a female, its completely okay to be overly emotional about anything.

A follow-up study by Moore and Butler (1989) evaluated some of these behaviors more thoroughly. In this case, the researchers were interested in finding out which of these flirting and “solicitation” behaviors actually worked to get men to approach. The team again camped out in bars — this time observing the differences in behavior between single women who were approached by a man versus women who did not get approached.

Watch her hands. Women touch their erogenous zones when they are very interested and are absolutely flirting with you. They will touch their lips and may apply lipstick when they know you are watching. When they touch their necks, they are feeling sexy, and if they rub their thigh as they cross and uncross their legs, they are sending flirtatious signals.

If she is sitting, she will now sit straight; emphasizing her breasts and crossing her legs to display them to the best advantage. If she is standing, she will tilt her hips to highlight the nice curve in her back, and she will tilt her head to expose her bare neck. She will also straighten her clothes, flick her hair and even lick her lips.

In the end, he offers a stumbling, possibly halfway sincere apology and promises to rethink his lineup. When he starts fidgeting with the cap of his Gatorade bottle, I know I’ve won. I thank him for his time and turn away, thinking, “My God, this stuff actually works.” World, here I come.

You can probably ignore the first one or two leg crossings as likely she’s trying to get into a comfortable position. But if she is doing this repeatedly, she may be doing it intentionally so you get a good look at her legs.

Enter – Secrets of Body Language. This book gives readers insight into the different zones that make up our personal lives – The Public Zone, the Social Zone, The Personal Zone, and the Intimate Zone – and gives us tips to recognize and understand what is happening in each. This great read goes into body language, dressing cues, and the messages that the eyes have to give – “But the eyes go way beyond this in their ability to communicate, and the voluntary clues they provide….”

Licks her lips. Unless you’ve been eating greasy food, you can take lip licking as a positive sign she is interested in you. When she uses her tongue to moisten her lips, you can take this female body language to the bank. Chewing the lips is also a female body language sign that she’s considering you to be yummy. Unless you blow what comes after, the girl finds you mighty tasty.

I have a little experiment that I want you to try out. The next time you have a great conversation with a woman you just met and feel that she’s definitely attracted to you, ask her if she remembers what the first thing you said to her was. Not to knock your ego or your brilliant opener here, but the chances are that 90% of the time, she won’t have a damn clue. Don’t worry, this isn’t because your opener wasn’t good enough or you weren’t memorable enough. It’s because women pay far more attention to body language and non-verbal communication than men ever do.

Leave a space of about 4 feet between you and the woman as you approach her. Researchers at the Social Issues Research Center report that about 4 feet is an acceptable social distance to maintain. When the woman crosses that threshold and closes the space between you, then you can be assured that she is flirting with you.

Lips become the center of attention – Face is surely the first thing that you notice about someone first. Lip-biting just makes it possible by drawing attention towards the lips. This will intrigue the person you like.

the manspreading thing is symbolic about territory. In that case, she is interested in what she gains through him. Women almost always want to gain from sex…at the very least, they want a friend who is going to profit her later

You can imagine a woman might seductively remove her long hair by bringing it over to one side, or twisting it around a finger then flex it to the side flashing her neck. She might tilt her head to the side by dropping her head and bring her hand up to carefully stroke and caress the skin on her neck just lightly, so as to draw a man’s eyes on her. In more overt cases, woman can even display sexually by coming so close that the neck invites a kiss.

That’s why it’s best to assume that if she’s talking to you, she’s open to the idea of flirting with you. Flirting will help you gauge her reactions and determine whether or not she’s interested, sooner rather than later.

Thus, a woman whose pupils become particularly large when looking specifically at a man is probably aroused. This might explain why we seek dimly lit places for intimacy as it causes the eye to dilate further amplifying the romance.

Have you noticed her walk before but she didn’t do that then? Her seductive walk may involve swaying her hips back and forth so they are more prominent. Girls only do that when they want to capture the interest of a certain guy.

I have occasionally seen a few women over my lifetime, put their hand either brushing past their face, nose, or their eye areas and even briefly brushing the side of their face by their ears and moving their hair just once as ive made eye contact. Unsure of what they symbolised however as i’ve always been used to the solo lifestyle.

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Overactive eyelids. If she’s batting her eyelashes, she’s definitely flirting. While this move is very cliched, the stereotype comes from somewhere. If a woman is interested in you, she’ll blink slightly faster than she would normally.

…for example. These signals usually don’t occur in isolation (if they do you could misinterpret), but will be done together or one after the other, for instance fiddling with a bracelet and then touching her neck

Even the ancients claimed that you have to pay attention to a woman’s gestures to uncover whether she is interested. Unlike men, who display no more than 10 or 15 signs that they’re interested, women have over 50 gestures that they use to flirt with.[1] This article will teach you most important ones.

From those observations, Moore (1985) identified 52 nonverbal behaviors that women use to signal their potential interest in a man. Of those, some of the most frequently performed behaviors by women were:

Reading female body language also requires a high degree of honesty on the part of the man. Many men overreact to simple signals or, because of their desire to be successful, actually see signals that are not really there. One simple and fantastic piece of advice when reading female body language is to take it nice and easy. If her signals are subtle and understated then a man’s responses should be just as balanced. If hers fade away then her interest has been lost – if they increase then it’s safe for a man to respond in equal measure.

If she is interested, she will tend to subconsciously lean her body towards you. For example, she would try to put her face on one or both hands and lean towards you while she’s listening. It is a scientific fact that all of us would tend to gravitate towards those we are comfortable with and attracted to most of the time.

When we establish rapport with someone, they tend to match and mirror (i.e. do the same thing; sometimes using the opposite hand/leg like a mirror image) our own body language. If you uncross your legs, she’ll soon do the same. If you put one hand on the table, she’ll soon do the same. It’s an unconscious way we respond to people we want to engage with. Many people use this to make people feel comfortable in their presence i.e. they start matching and mirroring the person they’re talking to on purpose.

Looking down is an ancient mating signal indicating it is OK for him to approach you now. Looking DOWN indicates passiveness in humans and many animals. Looking down says, “I will not resist you! You may come closer.” If he is wise and experienced, he should read your message as, “I want you to approach me! I am waiting for you!”

When she looks squarely in the eyes, everything that comes out of her mouth is true. Also, she won’t look away either. This way you can easily tell that whatever she is saying is important and want you to have a good listen to it.

When a woman turns her toes in toward each other, rather than out, it suggests interest. It is referred to as “tibial torsion” anatomically. It is another gesture that indicates submissiveness and by extension shows that a woman is smitten in your company.