“how to interpret female body language signals interest”

This signal is about interest and focus. By turning the knees and legs a man, a woman is using female body language to indicate the person in which she is currently interested – thus creating a personal space triangle. The outer legs also present a barrier to others who may intrude. Translated, this signal means: “You are the person I am focusing on.” Legs and knees that point away are a bad sign – particularly if the knees are aiming at a door. In a sense they become a barrier to the nearby person and an invitation to others. The more leg exposed the more sexual the signal.

Then why use Axe? There’s still an attraction there that’s from the sense of smell. I for one am still a strong believer in pheremones. (BTW, Axe is horrible, me and all the girls I know think it smells like pepper)

However, here is something women probably don’t understand is going on with guys at this point in the game. It takes a lot of aggressive courage for a guy to approach a new woman in a public place! Three emotionally powerful things are going on while this simple aggressive act guys are supposed to do bravely. Here are some of what is going on that makes most guy’s knees weak when approaching a woman to say his opening line:

This happens a lot when two people argue. Arm crosses mean they are not open to listening to your further explanation and they are not buying what you are saying. This probably tells you to shut up and rethink what you have done.

One of the most “painful” female body language signs showing the disinterest is  whenever you try to talk with her and come closer to her, the girl you want to hang out with always brings about one of her friends and lets that one stand in between her and you.

Is she dangling her shoe from her toe? Perhaps she lets it drop off her foot completely. This is her way of being coy with you. She may also be becoming aroused, and wants to get rid of an article of clothing.

She is likely feeling a little angry and frustrated that you ignored her and wondering why. Quite rightly so, because she undoubtedly gave you the right unspoken signals from afar that should have caused you to come over and say, “Hi.”

Hi, I’m Lionel, a body language expert with a career spent researching, examining and analyzing the human behavior and psychology. As you can understand, I’ve been studying body language for a very long time and I can literally tell at just a single glance exactly what’s going on in her mind.

Lips become the center of attention – Face is surely the first thing that you notice about someone first. Lip-biting just makes it possible by drawing attention towards the lips. This will intrigue the person you like.

#14 Bats her eyes. Yes, a woman batting her eyelashes at a man may be a stereotypical sign that she’s flirting but hey, it’s not classified as a stereotype for nothing. Be sure to know the difference between a flirtatious bat and an I’ve-got-something-in-my-eye bat.

Gravity-defying gestures can be seen in multiple parts of the body.  For instance, one common body language example of a gravity-defying gesture is the eyebrow flash.  If a girl is excited her eyebrows will automatically shoot up for a brief instant (you often see this when someone is surprised/happy to see you).

The neck exposure display is done by removing long hair or by simply canting the head to the side. It says, “I’m trusting and submissive to your dominance and am showing you this by exposing my vulnerable neck by canting to the side or removing my hair. I trust that you won’t harm me.”

There are exceptions of course, such as when a girl is nervous or shy and doesn’t talk a lot around a guy she likes. But in my experience, even shy girls who liked me eventually opened up to me and talked a lot more.

Ladies, is your body language unconsciously giving the guys in your life the “come and get it” vibe, or is it it telling him to get far away from you? Fellas, read on to find out a little more about the inner workings of female body language.

Although there are things that are just “human” and a burnt into our existance, I think behaviour might change depending on the society we live in. Citing a study from 1985 and 1989 and especially citing only one study (!) seems to be a little far from reality nowadays. I appreciate the effort and the overlook, but I would have loved to see a more thorough and current study. Therefore, thanks for the effort, I can’t take everything seriously though. Best, B.