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This, of course, is a seduction technique, so it’s so to speak on a level where she isn’t just interested in you — she’s actively trying to seduce you. That means that she’s unlikely to do it while still deciding how attracted to you she is. And women who don’t actively go out to seduce men, likely won’t do it at all unless it’s an unconscious reaction she has when thinking of kissing you!

Enter – Secrets of Body Language. This book gives readers insight into the different zones that make up our personal lives – The Public Zone, the Social Zone, The Personal Zone, and the Intimate Zone – and gives us tips to recognize and understand what is happening in each. This great read goes into body language, dressing cues, and the messages that the eyes have to give – “But the eyes go way beyond this in their ability to communicate, and the voluntary clues they provide….”

Tight Legs: Unlike other crossed leg gestures that show negativity, defensiveness or uncertainty, when women cross their legs in a flirtation environment and don’t use other negative gestures such as crossing their arms, this indicates the female is trying to draw attention to her legs by tightly pressuring one leg firmly against the other to emphasize their high muscle tone.  Psychiatrist Dr Albert Scheflen goes on to even suggest that such a gesture is the position a body takes when the person is preparing for sexual performance.

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A Quick-Tip – Whenever you see her hugging herself, get close to her, hug her, comfort her, and possibly bring ice-cream. This will surely cheer her up and she is more likely to tell you what made her feel that way.

Keep in mind that most of these things aren’t conscious actions for women. Although some, like eye contact and smiling, are always conscious, things like fidgeting and mirroring your movements are most likely involuntary things, so try not to read too much into things. Also don’t go too hard.

The direction where her knee is pointing can also signify certain meanings. It can suggest desire if her knee points at you. It can indicate the opposite if her knee points away from you. She may consciously or unconsciously point her cross-legged knee, regardless if she is sitting or standing while chatting with someone toward something or someone she is really thinking about.

A woman might say she’s having a great time, but if she’s grimacing, that’s a pretty clear indication on the part of her body language that she’s not. On the other hand, you won’t have to ask how she’s feeling if you look at her face while you two are hanging out together. All you have to do is look for the smile, a genuine smile that takes up her whole face and you’re going to know what the score is. Smiling is one of the most obvious pieces of women body language to read and one of the most unambiguous.

You can imagine a group of girls conversing when a man walks in and he’s the topic of conversation. They instantly grow quiet, avert their eyes, freeze awkwardly, not wanting to be noticed. Even though, the women can’t be heard, they still flash frozen in fear. Women will usually flash freeze with their hands, but also their feet. This is viewed as a change in stride pattern while walking, or a momentary pause in speech.

You should know – The best way to deal with this is, is to give her some time. Let her anger cool down. This will also give you some time to rephrase your words in such a way that she would accept it. And then go and try to talk to her about the whole situation.

That’s why when a woman wears a plunging neckline, accidentally brushes them up against his arm or dares to shimmy her assets anywhere near his eyesight, a guy has to wonder: “Is she flirting with me? Did she do that on purpose?”

When it’s my turn to act, I am paired with a 20-something woman named Amneh, a recent business school graduate. As we begin, Amneh’s chin is down, her eyes flicking up to my face only occasionally. “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m driving you crazy!” she blurts with a nervous laugh, shrinking into her seat, knees pressed tightly together, elbows digging into her sides. Every so often, she fidgets, smoothing her eyebrows or adjusting her scarf.

The cool thing about positive and negative body language is that you can actually use it to create attraction with women.  If a woman is giving you attitude or saying things you don’t like you can respond simply with a bit of negative body language.  Angle your body away and let her see that she’s losing your attention.  This shows you’re a high-value guy who simply doesn’t put up with that kind of behavior.  As a result you’re going to come across as that much more attractive to her and any other woman watching.

What men should take away from this is that most women can send mixed signals, so don’t lose hope if she’s not necessarily sending the positive ones noted in the book. Women are complicated. I know that sucks but there you go.